Responsive website


Why is responsive website design useful?

Adaptation is a key to big opportunities and responsive website is a way to success of your web-project!  Responsive website automatically adapts to the screen size of each user.  Adaption is a function that allows to view site content (buttons, menu, content, pictures and feedback forms) correctly and most conveniently on small and big displays.

Building website with responsive layout ensures efficient communication with your target audience and helps to attract mobile visitors navigating the web on their mobile phones or small tablets.

Don’t set limits for your visitors and potential clients!  You can make your site accessible for all types of devices whether it is a tablet, a smartphone or any other gadget.  Another advantage of responsive site is that search systems would give preference to adaptive sites thus increasing their rating in search systems.


Advantages of responsive design

Technologies are changing rapidly and web-studio SEOTM doesn't miss any opportunities to develop!  We are ready to share our knowledge and long-term experience of utilizing cutting-edge technologies for sites development.

Mobile devices

Advantages of adaptive site:

  • ability to adapt to any screen resolution and browser;
  • positive rating of the site in search systems;
  • decrease of work efforts to create mobile version;
  • larger target audience;
  • SMM much more effective;
  • usage of flexible CSS code guarantees site adaption under any circumstances.

Phases of development

Usually sites are developed to be viewed on desktops or laptops, but users of small displays also seek most comfortable site navigation, otherwise, they will just leave your site and you will end up loosing your potential clients.  Thus, when responsive site is developed it is cleared from unnecessary elements, for convenience buttons and links are enlarged, legible font is chosen, content blocks are comfortably placed.

Managers of web-studio SEOTM are always ready to explain you every detail of site development process, issue qualitative technical specifications and fill out brief for internet-project development.


Main phases of responsive site development:

Points %
Request. Estimation 5
Prepayment 20
Design 45
Programming 80
Testing 90
Launch of a responsive website 93