Animation and multimedia

Our agency develops web applications and flash presentations using Adobe Flash. We use this technology to create advertising banners of any size, we also develop animated videos, multimedia catalogues, flash-games and screensavers for websites.

What is web animation?

Multimedia technologies combine several types of information (graphics, text, animation, video and sound). Human eye just like predator’s catches moving object which will never remain unnoticed. Certain laws of nature work when user scrolls pages with animated blocks or elements. When user perceives information several perception channels are affected. Its dynamic character enhances attention and increases interest.


Experience, customized approach to each order and professionalism are critical parts to our success that guarantee qualitative, tailored and effective result.

Modern sites need cutting-edge technologies!

We do not use outdated Flash-technology, we use simple codes to create animation that will not need plug-ins, players and will be correctly displayed on PC and smartphones. Our long experience in this sphere switches us to HTML-animation which is characterized by small mass, doesn’t overload site and helps to create complex animation with little effort.


Creation of animated animations

Multimedia presentation — is an advertising-informational presentation of something new (organization, project, product, etc.). Animated presentation is an interactive informational or advertising tool that allows user to interact by means of navigation and control elements. Main target of the presentation — inform target audience about topic of the presentation in convenient and interesting form.

Animated presentation — is a combination of written information, active hyperlinks, animation, graphics, audio and video in one project.

Example of presentation structure: 

  • Opening. 
  • Assistance in presentation use. 
  • Main menu (control system and screen). 
  • Intro — short rapid company insight. 
  • Detailed information by chapters. 

Presentations according to application can be divided into the following types:

  • Corporate presentation conveys information about the company, services and products in a simple and comprehensible way.
  • Presentation for self-study. Has informative and branched structure, characterized by user-friendliness and accessibility. Consists of texts, graphics and sometimes video materials.
  • Presentation of a certain event or happening. As a rule, is done in a minimalism style, has simple structure containing general information, can also contain video and animation.
  • Presentation video-demonstration does not contain control elements, is designed as a video clip about topic of presentation, can include sound and text additions. For example, advertising clip.
  • Presentation created for viral marketing or direct e-mails is designed with minimum of multimedia effects (sound, video).

When presentations for PDA, mobile devices or phones are designed small screen size, memory limitations, possibility of messaging through MMS or Bluetooth channel are considered. 



What animation can be good for?

Qualitative, professionally done presentation makes it possible to inform large audience about your company in no time! Among advantages of presentation are convenience and compactness of necessary information stored on CD/DVD disks that you can leave to your clients and partners.

Information is conveyed in such a way to catch the audience, stir its interest to the topic disclosed, build loyalty to your company, create recognizable image of your goods or services. HTML-presentation can be always posted on corporate site online which would make it available for the mainstream audience.

You will need presentation for:

  • Business meetings and negotiations.
  • Fairs.
  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Annual report about your company.
  • Shareholders meeting.
  • Company’s anniversaries.

Other multimedia presentations

Multimedia cards — token gift that is not only enjoyable for the receiver, but demonstrates how much your company appreciates and cares about its clients.

Card can contain the following information:

  • Greetings;
  • Mini-games, meant to entertain the receiver;
  • Information about new promotional events and services, concealed in the greetings.

On the whole, such technology is much more interesting than just written mail-outs that can be filtered by anti-SPAM robots.

DVD disks with presentations. Companies often use disk with presentation. One electronic media contains all prices, catalogues, reference information, presentations, promotions, instructions for products, description of innovations and bonus software.

Development of games, mini-games and Flash-games. Mini-games for companies are extremely popular. Besides, they are posted on corporate web-sites to entertain clients and engage new visitors. Mini-games are often seen in HTML-banners. Click-through ratio of such banners increases greatly.