Getting your website out of filters


Why websites fallunder filters?

  • Sudden growth of link mass. Website links are an advantage. Fast growth of links, especially from low-quality off-topic sites – filter.
  • Non-unique content. Qualitative, unique texts – this is not something you can get quickly, but this is something that will surely help your site to win popularity and customers’ interest. Cut-n-paste is a fast and a cheap way to get texts, but it can lead you to filters from Yandex or Google.
  • Over spamed content and internal links on site. Everything unnatural or illogical is often accounted as artificial influence on site rank and is again filter.
  • Text doubling on site. You have many similar goods – which is good for the range of your products, but if their description is repeated from page to page – this is filter.
  • Low-quality inbound links. If your website is linked to external resources, you and search engines must be sure in its quality.


Our solutions

In the previous chapter, we explained you main reasons why website can fall under search engine filters. If one day you will not find your site in search results even in low-frequency queries we have bad news for you, most probably it has fallen under filter.

What do we suggest to get website out of filter:

  • Audit website and find possible reasons of search engines sanctions.
  • Contact technical support service of search engines and do everything possible to get your site out of filter.
  • Replace non-unique and over spamed content.
  • Protect qualitative content from thieves or copy-and-paste to eliminate risk of falling under filter.
  • Optimize your site.
  • Re-design your site if necessary.

Main stages of getting your site our of filter


It’s too bad when site falls under search engine filters. It doesn’t matter why it happens, the fact itself can be really annoying and cause numerous inconveniences. Experts of SEOTM are always glad to consider your situation and eliminate it with minimum losses for you and your site.

Every business needs balance of useful and rational. It is also true for web sites. Very often owners of internet-resources when they read recommendations for website promotion try to do their best in the shortest terms. As a result, they end up under filters and website owners have to address us.

Sometimes it is easier to create a new website than fight for the old one to win ratings. Nevertheless, skillful professionals of SEOTM Company will successfully overcome this problem by providing their services in getting your site out of filter.