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SEO audit


What is technical audit?

Each site is created for certain purposes:

  • client capture and business development;
  • promotion and support of company’s image/brand;
  • increase of sales of services and goods;
  • provision of detailed information about company’s services;
  • simplification of the feed-back process;
  • to be used as communication platform or advertisement board.

We can tell whether the site is effective by the way it achieves its goals.

Suppose you have an excellent designer site. It works efficiently (or at least you think so) and even there are some visitors! But still, the result is not exactly what you were expecting. Technical audit will help you to find out what makes your site ineffective.

Technical audit helps to understand what technical issues influence functioning of your site. Experts will check how site robots.txt works, speed of request reply, the way errors are dealt with, how your page redirect work, whether there are duplicates of existing pages and many other things that as a whole influence further promotion of your site.

Who needs this?

You have a site. Let it work for you to its maximum!

High-quality site, from the point of view of its SEO-optimization, is defined by high ratings in search results and promotion cost efficiency.

SEO-audit is not only service that requires individual approach to each project, but also a good investment into quality of your site and its future development.

Don’t lose time, start developing your site now and it will surely bring you excellent results in future!

What can you gain from SEO-audit?

  • you will learn reasons for low ratings in search engines like Yandex and Google;
  • you will be able to fix technical issues that were found on your site;
  • you will receive professional recommendations how to work with your site in future;
  • finally, you will be able to improve search results and enhance overall quality of the project.

How do we do it?

Experts of SEOTM Company offer the following services:


To audit sites we use special programs that allow obtaining full-scale data for various parameters. Afterwards our analysts will interpret information obtained and will give their findings and recommendations.

When trained SEO-professionals conduct technical audit they use various methods to detect duplications, errors, bad links, low quality link weight, page errors, etc. In other words, everything that can influence site promotion.

Technical audit is conducted on the first stage of SEO-optimization and is followed by a number of activities targeted at complex improvement of site rank results.

Main stages of SEO-optimization: