Reputation management


What is reputation management?

SERM (search engine reputation management) is aimed at search, removal or replacement of negative information (opinions) from search engine by positive or neutral.

The purpose of reputation management is to manage company’s image, brand or persons on a long-term horizon. As a result, perspective clients will not see negative information about your company and users will not come across any negative reviews online.

Why do you need this? Reputation management online will help to draw attention to your company, create positive impression, enhance confidence in your brand and increase profits gained from sales, new visitors on the site, increase conversion of internet-project. Main activities – constant monitoring of links to the client online, reduction of adverse information in different search engines, creation and support of positive image.


Our advantages

We start our work with detailed audit of client’s business, study competitive environment. Afterwards, based on data obtained, we develop individual strategy to manage reputation.

When you use this service we provide ongoing online-support to control information flown and, if necessary, clear it (replace by positive or neutral, decrease visibility of sites with adverse details, increase visibility of sites with positive feedbacks). Moreover, we deal with generation of positive content online.

Our activities are transparent, so the client can control the whole process by means of monthly reports reflecting dynamics of our activities. This way you will clearly see existing tendencies and real changes.

In the end you will obtain clear answers to the following questions:

  • How actively your brand is discussed online, how many links to it you can obtain on the first page of search results?
  • What topics are the most interesting for your target audience?
  • Where can you come across negative reviews and feedbacks and what exactly people don’t like about your site (product)?
  • How can one deal with negative information and what do we do to improve our reputation?