Online stores SEO


Where do we start?


You have online store and you invested designer, functional and marketing profit-oriented ideas in it. Naturally, in order to make your store a steady source of income you need as much perspective clients to know about it as possible. In other words, you not only need to get vast audience, but distinguish target group out of it.

This is when you face a question: how can I inform my target customer about my online store quickly and efficiently and attract the buyer exactly to my store and not my competitors’? To ensure consistent engagement of target visitors and target traffic gain site needs constant promotion.

What do we do?

Main task in online store promotion is gaining target traffic in search engines. In other words, engagement in search engines those buyers that look for the goods and services you offer on your site. The more target customers you engage on the stage of store selection the higher your chances are that they buy from you. This is ensured by various promotion techniques.


Characteristics of online store promotion.

Considering that structurally online store is bigger than other resources and that each page is sale-oriented, its promotion presupposes wider range of works: the most detailed audit, full optimization (internal and external). More than 75% of users visit websites following low frequency queries and, respectively, low-compatible. So, this should be main strategy when online store is promoted.

Internal optimization of online store

Internal optimization begins from website analysis aimed at detection of errors, page doubles, low-quality content, “dead” links and incorrect server responses. The process of internal optimization includes adjustment of meta-data, creation and adjustment of robots.txt, correct filtration and interlinking of pages, correct formation of URL page and other factors affecting site ranking.

Statistics balancing

Internal optimization is concluded by balancing statistics in web analytics tools. Statistics help to assess promotion of the web store, timely respond to behavioral factors of visitors and make necessary changes.


External optimization of online store

External optimization of online store involves optimization of link mass. Building high-quality link mass by means of permanent links is one of the main stages of external optimization. Such links are placed on qualitative sites following certain rules. “Correct” links increase website’s significance for search engines and reduce possibility to fall under filters to minimum.

Stages of promotion

Main factors of online store promotion

To sum up, we want to draw your attention to the fact that promotion of online store is an important step in accomplishment of your goal – effective use of resources and opportunities.

Optimization and promotion of online store is a process when you lay foundation for your sales enhancement, traffic growth and popularization of Internet resource.

Evaluate how effective your online store is and we will help you to move it to the top!