Search Engine Marketing

SEM search engine marketing (Search Engine Marketing) - is more than just a classic SEO-promotion. It's a comprehensive service, which includes a number of internet marketing activities aimed to attract to the online resource the most targeted users of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex) and other channels. The main task to be solved by SEM, search engine marketing, is increasing site traffic growth in its audience (target audience).

What is SEO?

Provided in SEOTM search engine marketing service (SEM) includes a set of tools and technologies, starting with an analysis of the niche and commercial indicators, technical site audit, internal content marketing, seo-optimization and search engine optimization, PPC contextual advertising, external content marketing and continued development project.

SEO search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is a basic work with the internal factors of the website to improve the position,the site's ranking in the SERP results. Seo-optimization is carried out in order to increase search traffic, attract new target users, increase the number of conversions.

Depending on several factors, SEO search engine optimization can be one of the most profitable and effective tools of online marketing, as more than 80% of visitors coming from search engines is. The higher the position of a site in search results is, the more interested users will fall on him. Since 100% of the users click on the first three links in the search results, 20-50% go up to tenth link on the first page, and only 10-20% get to the second page of issue.

Effective search engine marketing strategies involve the use of tools PPC contextual advertising, which respectively focus on attracting just the right audience. Flexible, integrated approach allows to use of all the possibilities of promotion, applying them within the general Internet promotion strategy, it allows to achieve greater efficiency than with promotion channels individually and get the so-called synergistic effect.

We have all the necessary competencies, resources and a decade of experience in online marketing for the coordination and implementation of a range of works from a variety of directions, including a strong technical expertise.

Project Team

The correct process and effective work on the project may be subject to availability of well-coordinated team of narrow specialists:

  • Project-Manager (organizes the work on the project)
  • Semantics (picks up searches)
  • Copywriter (prepares the text content)
  • SEO-expert (is working on the optimization and promotion of the site)
  • SEO-curator (develops promotion strategy)
  • Programmer (conducting technical work on the site)
  • PPC specialist (leading Advertising Campaign)
  • Analyst (analyzez the results of the work on promotion).

The cost and procedure of works

The work begins with a briefing, the collection and discussion of the project details, the customer's objectives and goals. Diving into the client's business allows more accurately identify the targets, strategies and tools. Within 1-3 business days, our specialists prepare costing and quotation with the plan of work by three months.

Fill out a free consultation and a team of SEOTM specialists promptly prepare a proposal with the calculation of the cost of the works and search engine marketing strategy.

Values %
Application. Targets and goals 10
Diving into Business. Analysys 30
Strategy and tools 50
Semantics. Costing 80
Planning and launch of works 90