Staging and PPC process


Website audit

PPC launching process

  • Site assessment from the perspective of internet marketing;
  • Checking website usability;
  • Preparing recommendations for its improvement
  • PPC launching process

Adjustment of contextual advertising

  • Study of topics and special character of customer’s business;
  • Choosing pages to direct visitors by means of contextual advertising;
  • Checking content on selected pages and chapters for errors;
  • Installment on site systems necessary for analytics (Google Analytics, YandexMetrika);
  • Testing and checking siteforms, for example, quick connection, follow-up, “call back” etc.;
  • Preparing technical specifications for the project and documentation needed to experts for project management, programmer and customer;
  • Creation/connection of the account;
  • Selection of keywords, study of negative keywords;
  • Grouping keywords;
  • Making 2-3 advertisements for each group;
  • Development of advertising campaign;
  • Connection of extensions (telephone, address, additional sitelinks);
  • Development of advertising campaign;
  • Development of media advertising campaign;
  • Launching advertising campaign.

Running advertising campaign

  • A/B-testing, cutting-off ineffective advertisements;
  • Adjustment of remarketing/retargeting;
  • Extension of existing keywords, study of negative keywords;
  • Optimization of rates and budget expenditure control;
  • Analysis of effectiveness of advertising campaign;
  • Putting together suggestions on enhancement of advertising campaign effectiveness.

Adjustment of analytics

  • Adjustment of Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics: creation of filters, targets;
  • Adjustment of target «Goods added into cart»;
  • Adjustment of sales tunnel tracking;
  • Adjustment of tracking advertising subscribers;
  • Adjustment of tracking registered users;
  • Adjustment of tracking feedback form;
  • Adjustment of tracking action buttons («Make an enquiry», etc.);
  • Making a report to assess effectiveness of contextual advertising.

Analytics and reports

  • Monthly reports (reports for keywords, topic platforms, data from Google Analytics).
  • Detailed analysis of effectiveness of advertising campaign including future suggestions.