Contextual advertising, paid search (PPC)

PPC (Pay Per Click) today is the most effective form of online advertising, where the displays of advertisements occur in accordance with the content / context of the site and the user's search query. Contextual advertising systems provide the ability to attract the target audience  to the site quickly, providing the detailed settings and payment only per clicks (PPC, Pay per click - advertising model pay-per-click).

Entrust the work to professionals

Google Partners

SEOTM is a certified agency by Yandex and Google Partners with a decade of experience in conducting advertising campaigns. So to order the service at our agency is more efficient and profitable than at other online agencies.  SEOTM PPC department is a team of professionals, who every 12 months must confirm their competence and skills having passed the exams and certification. We are regular participants of all relevant events and seminars provided by Google. We carefully monitor all the news in the field of online advertising.

Advantages of PPC

Analytics. Convenient traffic tracking of sources, the dynamics of conversion, visitors' behavior, and other important indicators to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns with the help of analytics tools.

Контекстная реклама аналитика

Speed. PPC is run on the Internet instantly. Just in a few hours, days, or the first week, you can get results and noticeable improvements: increase of targeted traffic, increase the number of new visitors, improve conversions.

 Контекстная реклама скорость

Geo-targeting and Audience. Technologies of PPC allow to identify and select the necessary target audience. The criteris for selecting the target audience may be: a region, gender, age, interests.

аудитория Контекстной рекламы

The efficiency and flexibility. During the advertising campaign the following possibilities are available: time scheduling of advertisements, monitor budgets and expenditure, experimenting with text ads and keywords.

целесообразность рекламы в интернете

The used systems, places and tools

Providing the campaigns we use different tools and we work with such systems / places:

  • system of PPC placement Google AdWords, Yandex. Direct, Begun, Bing Ads;
  • system of placement targeted advertising VKontakte, Facebook;
  • system of placement banner advertising Google, Yandex, TrafMag, Admixer;
  • system of placement video advertising: YouTube.

With the help of these tools, we attract the most targeted visitors who are searching your product or service right now. The specialists who have passed the appropriate certification work can work with these places.

инструменты контекстной рекламы

Please, contact SEOTM Digital Agency, and you will receive a high quality service of your advertising campaigns using the most effective tools.

Areas of PPC

PPC can be presented in the following versions:

  • Text ads in the search engines Google, Yandex;
  • Text ads or graphic banners that are placed on the sites which are very close to the advertised topic;
  • Remarketing or prosecution of text ads or graphic banners the visitors who have previously visited your website;
  • Text and image ads (banners) are placed corresponding to the target audience for a given targeting (gender, age, region, interests).

Stages and algorithm of cooperation

Having left an application for calculating your campaign budget, you begin working with our company.

We are convinced that in order to develop an effective strategy it requires a deep dive into the client's business and study the features of the business and the niche in general.

We pay special attention to the semantics, make selection of keywords according to which the advertisement will be seen by the potential customers.

On the basis of the information gathered, we calculate the budget and prepare a business offer. The conditions and details of the offer will be agreed with the client, and then a contract is being signed. The launch of advertising campaign is started after 100% payment.

During the process of conducting the advertising campaigns we are working towards the continuous improvement of performance, using analytics tools. We identify weaknesses and make recommendations for improving the quality of the site, prepare technical requirements for a programmer as well.

Cost of PPC

We are a conscientious, transparent company. In the process of cooperation each of our clients gets individual accounts in the systems (Google AdWords, Yandex),in such a way we provide for our customers an access to all the information, statistics / analytics and financial performance.

The cost of PPC includes an advertising budget, which credited on the balance of the system of PPC and agency commission.

The budget is calculated for each campaign based on the goals, objectives, competition subjects, geography and characteristics of the target audience.

The customer pays a monthly fixed fee for the service / maintenance of the advertising campaign. The minimum agency commission is not less than 250$ / Month.

We work with 100% advance payment, the payment is made by bank transfer in accordance with the Agreement. The advertising budget can be paid directly to the account of PPC system in case the Client agrees.

In order to find out how much PPC for your site will cost, send your request right now!