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Creation of games

Our digital agency offers you services of game design and development. We develop advertising promo-games, apps with game mechanics aimed at advancement of brands and companies. We can find solutions for the most complex specifications thanks to our huge experience and our team of pros.

What games we develop

SEOTM web-studio deals with creation of games and applications for mobile devices on such platforms as Android, iOS, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and browser versions. Team of experienced designers, programmers, specialists in the sphere of game projects promotion will implement projects of any complexity.

Android Ios разработка игр

Main advantages of advertising promo-games:

  • Building loyalty to your brand or company.
  • Traffic growth.
  • Increase of number of repeated visits.
  • Possibility to collect users’ e-mails.

Main task of advertising promo-game is to catch users’ interest with fascinating entertainment.

We develop:

  • Games for mobile devices;
  • Advertising promo-games;
  • Mini-games;
  • Game mechanics for advertising campaigns;
  • Network games;
  • Promo-applications.

SEOTM offers its services in creation of advertising promo-games to promote certain brand or company. Time spent by the user on promo-game is equal to time spent on building loyalty to your brand.

Examples of our works

SEOTM team is ready to the most creative tasks! Our experts will help you to compile technical specifications, create original scenario and bring all your ideas to life. We’ve already created more than ten game mechanics for promo-games.

We ask advertising, digital and branding agencies to join our business partner network, we are ready to act as a reliable contractor in games development.

Example: Racing-game (races, motorcycles)

Example of racing game mechanics: “motorcycles, races” — “Moto-Drive”. This game gives user a chance to try himself as an extreme motorbike racer, who struggles with high hills, gets over various obstacles in different weather conditions on the way to his goal. User can choose type of motorcycle, engine and tires. Such game mechanics may be interesting to automobile portals, companies selling auto- and motorcycle equipment, accessories and online stores.

Пример игры мото гонки для мобилок


Example of the game, browser version

Example of the game “Flappy Puppy”. This game is about a merry dog of scientist from the chemical lab who decided to play. The dog learned how to fly various unusual flying machines and strikes to its goal overcoming different obstacles. Mechanics of this game are similar to famous mega-popular Flappy Bird. The game is released for mobile devices, there is a browser version, cut version you can see below. Player on his mobile devices controls dog’s flight on an unusual aircraft just by touching the screen and in the browser — by clicking.

Пример игры для мобильных устройств

Shots from the game “Merry Dog” (flight, heroes, jet selection).

Скрины игры для мобильных устройств

Stages of development, timeframe and cost

Stages of game development


What it takes to create a game?

Process of game development comprises several stages involving different experts: game design (gameplay), engine design (programming), working with sound (voicing).

Cost and timeframe

Cost of game development starts from 2000 USD.

Time for game development starting from 1 calendar month.