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SEO-copywriting is a process of development of specific SEO-friendly texts for websites. Main task of the high-quality content is to build trust of website visitors, provoke interest of visitors to offered goods/services/partnership. If we speak about SEO-texts except for listed tasks, uniqueness, rational number of entries, keyword density, use of tags should be considered.


Main task of SEO-copywriting – improvement of site rating in search engine results by target enquiries. SEO-copywriting includes working with visible texts (checking for absence of grammar and spelling mistakes, text stylistics), and optimization of other elements of web-pages: title, description, metatags, keywords, text titles, picture signatures and text itself.

Key peculiarities of SEO-texts are their selling capacities. Correctly introduced into article advertising of the goods or services is much more effective than any touting. Such texts are written individually for each site, considering necessity of hyperlinks, choice of certain information location on the page.