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Website design


What is web design and why do you need it?

Our best designers with successful web-projects in their background will use their knowledge and experience in graphic and web design, typo-graphics, identica and other trends to provide high-grade website design for you. Design is a creative process despite of its technical component.

Our artists and illustrators will come up with incredible designer and marketing solutions to create tailored design for the site of any level or trend and unique corporate style for the brand or company. We especially focus on design, bearing in mind all its special features and factors.



Why unique website design is so important?

  • Attractive, monetizing interface of your web-resource;
  • Engagement of additional audience;
  • Website traffic growth;
  • Loyalty-building for your internet-resource;
  • Creates strong associative link with your company/brand;
  • Changes in structure, adding chapters and categories, needs development of certain elements or pages of the website.

We offer customized solutions only!

Cost of design

Cost of design depends on type of work and its complexity. You should account actual working hours, number of design concepts suggested and urgency.

It’s up to the client of our web-studio to choose whether to develop our ideas and concepts or operate with his/her requirements, expectations and ideas. You will know precise cost of internet project development after you fill out our brief, compile technical specifications and discuss all details.

See our approximate prices in the table below:









Service Cost, USD Timeframe, BD
 Design of company’s logo от 300 5-7
 Building corporate identity от 200 2-5
 Brand book от 500 10-15
 Graphic design от 50 2-5
 Outdoor advertising design and POS от 50 2-4
 Packing and label design от 200 1-5
 3D Modelling and Visualization от 50 5-15
 Design of websites and interfaces от 250 5-10
 Design of internet project logo от 200 2-5
 Clip art drawing от 50 3-5