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Tags and packaging


Development of design

Development of packages and labels for customer’s company requires precise compliance of criteria and implementation of common rules, after all, the first thing consumers assess is the way goods look and idea of the product is formed.

In the process of design development it is important to underline all values and benefits of the company, buying advantages and reasons why you should buy exactly these goods. Exclusive design of packaging and labels single out products from competitors and make them recognizable for consumers.

It is very important to consider professional activity of the company and special features of the product you advertise, because some trends require “strict style” in design or, vise a versa, bright design with a great number of graphic elements.

Primary design of packaging and labels is characterized as a fundamental part of the design process that influences efficiency of sales promotion. Visual interest of the buyer to the goods, positive associations and recognizable look are markers of successful designer solution.

Stages of development

1. Informational stage 

This stage includes collection of information about the brand, competitive environment, audience — consumers of company’s products, specific character of the company-manufacturer, its ideology and concept.

2. Concept development 

This is the stage when the idea and theme of design is worked out considering advantages of the goods and variants of marketing solutions that can catch consumer’s interest.

3. Completion stage 

At this stage design is reviewed, changes are made and final version is approved.

4. Preparation of source materials for printing

This stage includes professional treatment of the layout and its preparation for printing. Source materials are prepared, final check is made and materials are printed