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Outdoor advertising POS


Outdoor advertising is a type of graphic or written outdoor advertising placed on temporary or permanent constructions. It is efficient way to promote goods and services, brands and reach to mainstream audience.

SEOTM web-studio specializes on design of outdoor advertising for signs, sign-boards, mantlets, billboards, city-lights, advertising costumes, transportation advertising, wall advertisements (ads on buildings).

Main task of outdoor advertising is attraction of maximum consumers with minimal time and funds consumption, using corporate recognizable image.

Requirements to outdoor advertising:

  • Frequency of placement.
  • Attention arresting, high-quality design.
  • Compactness of information.
  • Memorable.
  • Understandable to mainstream audience.
  • Signs direct consumer to conditional place for the sake of certain activity.


Mantlets are movable in space without any special installation tools, team of loaders and assembling scheme.

City-lights, billboards, transportation advertising — are effective and attractive advertising panels usually placed along intense roads, freeways, streets, motor transport.

Wall advertisements — exposed to view wall of the building on which advertising panel is placed (usually big one).

POS-materials (point-of-sale, “sales point”) — distinguishing elements of outdoor advertising placed in sales points. These include phone support make-up, stalls and trading posts, banners and cups, small souvenirs and printed products.

Main task of POS-material is to promote sales of advertised goods and services, make consumers address company-producer, create memorable brand image.

Our many years’ experience allows us to create high-quality outdoor advertisements considering all specific features.