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Logo Design


Description, cost, terms

Description, cost, terms

Logotype – is a visual and unique pattern that sometimes contains company name and picture designed to create well-recognizable image. Trademark discloses necessary information to consumers and attracts their interest to the brand or company.

Logo design should maximally go in line with company’s activity, style and trademark. Experts of web-studio SEOTM will create modern logotype that will be associated exclusively with your brand or company. Among other services they will suggest several sketches and concepts.

Cost of logo design depends on number of versions suggested by our experts, level of complexity and time spent on logo design.

“Basic” package

Reliable solution to a specific problem. 5 logo concepts considering your suggestions, comments and requirements.

“Optimal” package

Solutions to more complex problems. 10 logo concepts considering your suggestions, comments and requirements.

“Maximum” package

Solutions to the most challenging problems. 15 logo concepts considering your suggestions, comments and requirements.


Our approach

Designing logo for the company, brand or firm requires special approach. It can be compared to “jeweler” work, because logotype – is a complete, sustainable component of company’s image building.

Colours, lines and letters and logotype on the whole will be used in advertising campaigns, on TV, for widescreen prints and other types of graphic arts and is supposed to be used in the long run. That is why our experts take the process of logo design most responsively, considering marketing trends, stylistics of the company/brand, expression of its identity and what exactly sets your product apart from competitors on the market.


Stages of design process

Logo design comprises several important stages – gathering analytical data, study of company’s business activities, main targets and tasks, finalization and approval by the client.

Stages of logo design:

  • Analysis of company’s activity. Singling out main aspects of company’s business.
  • Expression of company’s ideas through graphic elements. Sophisticated visual representation of company’s business-ideas, taking into account characteristics of its corporate style and marketing trends.

Logo Design Process


Logotype is a trademark that represents company and its activity on business-market. Logotype is designed with due account for its long-term usage so our experts will most respectively work on design of your logo, considering specific features of the product, company’s policy and its business.

SEOTM web-studio closely cooperates with its clients through all the stages of logotype design. We suggest that you fill-out our brief and compile technical specifications to fix all requirements and wishes. This anticipatory procedure will help to do our work qualitatively to manage your expectations.

Example of logo creation

logo example