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“Mobile” internet is rapidly growing — number of smartphone users geometrically grows. So, business immediately responded to users’ demands and came with a number of mobile apps with upgraded functional, revised app operation and improved designs. Back in 2008 when iPhone and App Store market of mobile apps has started to grow rapidly — appeared new devices that needed upgrade.

The closer we move to 2016, the more mobile apps appear and closer attention is paid to design. It is true that if several apps offer similar functions usually user goes by the most attractive and stylish design.


Peculiar Features

New mobile apps are launched for different screens, gadgets and targets. Each of them uses unique, unmatched style, customized functions and marketing methods. Our designers continually study tendencies in marketing ideas, models of design, styles. User preferences — are crucial factors that predetermine design: easiness of usage, navigation and colour associations.

In the first place, design of mobile apps is created “from the perspective of the user”. Experience of our specialists helps them to design professional unique styles and test concept from the perspective of the user.


Operational systems Android and iOS are old competitors in vie for user audience, offering consumers new ideas of functional applications.

Number of applications for popular operational systems:

  • iOS — 1.2 million;
  • Android — 1.2 million;
  • Windows Phone — 245 thousand.

Before you get to application design you must determine your target audience — people who prefer prestige, multi-functionality and universality (target audience of iOS) or your clients choose simplicity and don’t care about VIP-status (target audience of Android).

Differences of Android and iOS design process:

  • Corporate identity orientation and general trends in operational system design.
  • Icons and widgets in Android are easy and quick to install, for iPhone and iPad they are more complex and require special menu adjustments.
  • Apps for Android are multitasking which helps to manage tab cards like on PC or laptop. Unlike Android, apples up to the 4th generation are not that functional — when you open new application the old ones are closed.