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Corporate identity


What does corporate identity imply?

Corporate identity or identica — is a number of visual and graphic elements that are meant to distinguish company, create individual, memorable image.

We design the following elements of corporate identity: leaflets, calendars, company letterhead, catalogues, postcards, fliers, envelops, folders.

Leaflets — paper with information printed on both sides folded as a “book”. It is relatively cheap and effective method of corporate advertising, important element in the process of promotion of the company and its goods aimed at mass audience.

Corporate calendar — effective way to build company’s image. Calendars are designed as a useful thing for partners or clients with low-pressure advertising of your company!

Flier — is an effective way to inform partner or client quickly, briefly and inclusively. Depending on target goals flier design can be informative or image, but it sure has to be memorable.

Catalogue — is a detailed list of types and kinds of goods and services your company offers using pictures, drawings and text descriptions. Besides, catalogue can include information about company’s activity, its achievements.

Design of corporate identity of SEOTM web-studio is always up-to-date!



Why do you need it?

Any company regardless of its annual turnover or number of employees tends to create unmatched individual style, striking recognizable image that will be applicable for years.

Corporate identity is built to create visual image of your company that your partners and clients will remember. Since site represents your company online it should be maximally aligned with it, have its logo, corporate colours and other attributes of corporate style.


Functions of corporate identity:

  • Contains main targets and ideas of the company.
  • Builds trust to the company.
  • Forms associative link with customer and company.
  • Represents company’s activity, its goods or services.
  • Distinguishes company among competitors.
  • Tells about company’s successes.

Stages of development

Corporate identity building comprises several stages:

corporate website development


When you look at the chart it all seems so easy, but, in reality the process can be much more difficult. You should accurately formulate main targets, tasks and your requirements when you fill out the brief and compile technical specifications after the project is discussed.

Technical specifications — a fundamental document issued when your project is designed. We will work out three-four drafts to offer our client for consideration on basis of your technical specifications and web-design guidelines. Client, in his/her turn will approve the draft he/she likes or choose one or two to revise. When draft of the corporate identity is approved, the customer will receive all source files.

Cost of work

Creative process is always associated with different nuances. Cost of identity building depends on complexity of work, working hours spent on drawing design and overall stylistic concept.

Prices/cost of works

Elements of corporate identity Cost UAH Timeframe, BD
 Design of company’s logo от 2400 5-7
 Business card (Card) от 350 1-2
 Letterhead от 350 1-2
 Envelope от 350 1-2
 Selection of colour palette (corporate colours) от 350 1-2
 Selection of corporate font от 350 1-2
 3D Modelling and Visualization от 400 5-15
 Corporate folder от 500 2-3
 Design of presentation in PowerPoint (main + page template) от 1600 2-5
 Leaflet от 800 3-5

How does it look?

Corporate identity example