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What is Brand Book?

Brand Book is an integral part of corporate identity. It is a set of rules for company employees and partners that contain description of the brand, principals and ideas of its building, advertising promotion concept. This document is needed for companies that plan to present their COB.

Creation of Brand Book

SEOTM web-studio deals with development and creation of Brand Books. In our work we stick to corporate style and its main elements from official documents to souvenir products.

Creation of Brand Book comprises following stages:

1. Logo design.

This stage includes description of rules of logo use, its colours and style. It can also include detailed list of all graphic materials that will be used when logo is designed.


2. Business attributes.

Business attributes are an important part of brand book. This part contains information about all elements that together form corporate identity. As a rule, it includes set of instructions on the use of formats, sizes and colours of the brand book.

3. Outdoor advertising.

Company that deals with trade and distribution always needs outdoor advertising. This section of the brand book describes standards of outdoor advertising. Besides, this part contains materials about format and presentation of outdoor advertising.

4. Presentation and other representative materials.

These chapters contain information about correct placement and creation of leaflets, booklets and other marketing materials. Rights of designing souvenir, electronic and graphic products.

Our solutions

Designers of SEOTM web-studio create matchless stylistics, develop unique concept of corporate identity and issue brand book that becomes basis for all future marketing solutions in the company. Once the work is done you will get source files for further use in advertising campaigns.

To create customized brand book we discuss everything with our customer first, then we fix all his requirements and wishes. Such approach helps to create tailored brand book complying with all standards and conditions.

List of all elements and chapters:

1. Logo size.

  • Colours.
  • Fonts.
  • Unconditional use of logo.

2. Business attributes.

  • Business cards.
  • Corporate envelopes.
  • Letterheads.

3. Outdoor advertising:

  • Billboards, displays, city-lights.
  • Transportation advertising.
  • Advertising on buildings.
  • Banners and signs.

4. Presentations and other marketing materials:

  • Leaflets, booklets.
  • Presentations.
  • Badges, pens and other souvenirs.
  • Folders, cards, fliers.
  • Bags.