Redesign of “Ditya” e-commerce

Designers SEOTM Web Studio did a great job on the new appearance of the online store "Ditya".

Certainly, everyone knows, that the sites created a few years ago, are not suitable for the latest gadgets and widescreen monitors. The reason to this tendency is rather simple - the customers’ tastes and wishes are changing every day. It is not always very easy to be “up-to-date”, so it’s really great, when some people understand this tendency and they give the task to the specialists to make a re-design, to create a new image, to change the site style.

Firstly, it is essential for clients, as well as for you, a provider, because thanks to the beautiful and modern design, the clients create the positive impression about the site’s owner and the trust to him/her is growing.


Type of a site Online-Store
Technologies HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, SEO
Installed modules The Dynamic Structured Catalogue, Registration/Autorization of Users, Feedback, Gallery of images, Cart/Online-store control
By Industries Children, Goods and services
By Years 2014
The Best yes