Corporate website “ The Tea Rose”

A corporate site for the flower shop "Tea Rose".

How to present your floral-business on the Internet?  There are many answers to this question. Let’s start with some of them.

The excellent example of the respond to this question can be the developed website for the floral shop “Tea Rose”, located in Kyiv. A customer, entering the site, immediately gets involved into the festive atmosphere, because of the beautiful site design and a big number of photos of already created production.

It is convenient and fast to choose the bouquets of flowers as the information is divided into categories: bouquets, compositions, toys made of flowers, decoration and presents, wedding, arranging etc.

Each bouquet of flowers has its vendor code, which is used by the customer in the feedback form to order the chosen item.

The integration with social networks proves, that this online shop has its permanent customers, who can share their joy with the others on their pages.

This business card site is an excellent  “budget” variant for those, who want to have a confident start-up.


Type of a site Business card Site, Online-Store
Technologies HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, AJAX
Count of pages up to 100
Multilanguages yes
Installed modules News, Articles, The Dynamic Structured Catalogue, Registration/Autorization of Users, Feedback, Gallery of images, Cart/Online-store control, Dynamic structured pages of site
By Industries Goods and services
By Years 2014
The Best yes