Online store "Rukoyatka" (eng. handle)

It's developed and successfully promoted by us in Ukrainian tools market. Online store "Rukoyatka" (eng. handle) - hand tools and power tools selling.

Assortment of a few thousand items fit in 10 categories and hundreds of subcategories. Presents about 20 well-known brands such as STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna



  • Develop a comfortable, with a large assortment of online store tools for Ukrainian market.
  • Easy for user with a comfortable structure and categorization.
  • Integrate with "1C" accounting software.
  • Organize a clear mechanism of ordering
  • Implement the ability to compare products


Our specialists and customer team put their strength, knowledge and soul in this project. The main feature of the site - its integrity, simplicity and clarity for the customer.

Type of a site Online-Store
Technologies HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, AJAX
Count of pages more than 1000
Multilanguages yes
Installed modules Articles, The Dynamic Structured Catalogue, Registration/Autorization of Users, Feedback, Gallery of images, Cart/Online-store control,
By Industries Building and repair, Goods and services, eCommerce
By Years 2013
The Best yes