Development of a corporate site for ThyssenKrupp Elevator

 A new project - the corporate website for the company "ThyssenKrupp EleveytorUkraine", in third place in the world in sales and production of elevator and escalator equipment.

 Seriousness of the customer, meticulousness to detail, interest in the outcome, the main thing - operative interaction between the person in charge of the company and by our studio, all actions are justified and the spent force on the project.

Web site design is made in style, meaning a company that matches corporate image, corporate identity, which is a distinctive feature of the projects that do not have in its arsenal, the so-called corporate identity.

A clear statement of the problem, concise structure of the site identified the availability and ease of use of this resource. The catalog of products provided a wide range of product line of lifting equipment, the necessary information and technical aspects of each segment. Involved video gallery for informational principles of operation of lifting equipment, clearly informs the user about the specific uses and varieties of all types of passenger and freight elevators, escalators, lifts for persons with disabilities, as well as traps for the airport. Newsline and thematic publications of interest to provide the opportunity to face the latest news and information about the company and read the informative publications in this field.

The project is executed successfully ThyssenKrupp Elevator studio «SEOTM» and presented on the Internet. If you have a need to develop a corporate website, you can always turn to our studio managers for help in solving this problem.

Type of a site Corporate site
Technologies HTML 5
Multilanguages yes