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"Pirates Island”

A a tourist theme’s web site was created. It is cut-away site of recreation "Pirates Island”, which is in the Kherson region in the town Iron’s port. This is a wonderful place on the coast of Black Sea with clean sea water, beautiful sand beach and crystal clean air. The place where the dolphins come and swans arrive.

The territory of the sanatorium is four double-cottage, 32 rooms, children's playground, cafeteria, a beer bar. Distance to sea is 100 m. We hope that the work and efforts of our studio in creation Web sites for a travel company will help in the development of tourism in Ukraine. Our studio proposes creation of sites for recreation, tourism companies, hotels and other companies working in the tourism sector. We recommend the establishment of cut-away sites for sanatorium and hotels, as the most effective advertising tools. In addition, our company guarantees quality and ensures follow-up support, promotion and advancement resource.

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