Site Cathedral of Holy Nativity of Christ

An information web site for the Cathedral of Holy Christmas in the city of Tulchin, Ukraine. The website provides information on the temple, shrines and clerics. You can learn about the history of the Cathedral, see the photo gallery, video, ask a question with the help of feedback. The site was created in two languages: Russian and English, the main language version - Russian. The design of the site was carried out in a strict style and menu structure takes into account the known statistics, claiming that the user should find the ultimate information for a maximum of three clicks.
Holy Nativity of Christ Cathedral g.Tulchin built at the expense of Count Stanislaw Potocki in the years 1786-1817 as the Catholic Church with the Dominican monastic keliyami. But in 1832, because Podoliya finally got out of the Polish influence was transferred to the Orthodox institution.
Type of a site Informational website
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