Web site for photographer Leonid Shevchuka

Was created a web site for well-known photographer Leonid Shevchuk. Submitted in the first the best part of the photo, his portfolio, similar to the site can be find many useful information photo subjects.

First publication of works by Leonid was in 1980 in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda, then magazine “Ogonyok”, the newspaper “Zhitomirschina”, “Arguments and Facts”, "Day". For a while he worked as photographers in the newspaper “Kievskie Vedomosti”, has an excellent school photo. Now cooperating with information agency "Fotolenta."

Favorite type of shooting photos and portraits.

Photographer constantly takes part in the photo contest, photo exhibits. On International photographic newspaper "Den", in 2003 received the prize for 2nd photographic "Without a Horse"

Type of a site Business site
Multilanguages no
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