We are looking for following partners:

  • IT-Companies with varying focus
  • Custom Software Development Companies
  • Digital and Marketing Agencies
  • Consulting Agencies
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • Independent IT-Consultants
  • Start-up Companies

The main object of our partnership is to create conditions, under which the partner will grow and develop together with us, and will feel confident in our experience and abilities.

The most common delivery models

Fixed price model (For moderate projects with clear tasks)

Time and material model (For projects were the scope will change during the development)

Dedicated development team (For large projects starting from 12 months)


Engagement models


SEOTM managers and engineers will become part of your team. Our specialists will be able to communicate with the client on behalf of the partner. Working with SEOTM as a contractor, you will have the following options listed below:

  • You get access to our developer resources
  • You can present our expertise and portfolio to the clients
  • You can use our technology stack
  • You will receive our marketing materials

We will help you to solve problems with staff shortage, rapid growth and scaling, quick introduction of innovations and create the necessary infrastructure.

Are you ready to discuss your project or partnership?