How to optimize your website for the voice search now?

By 2020, the number of voice search queries will be estimated 200 billion per month and more than a half of all requests will be voice, according to research executed by comScore.

Technical SEO Checklist: 7 tips that will be relevant in 2017

In this article we will focus on seven main stages of the technical SEO in 2017. Some of them have always been relevant, others are pretty new and are used in accordance with the latest changes in search engines.

A mobile version of a site is present - Google will provide you in the SERP

As it was previously mentioned by the Google representatives, this search engine will continue to use information about the presence of a site version for mobile devices, as a signal to rank the sites in search results.  

What is contained within the body is very important to Google

Matt Cutts as always focuses on quality site content, not avoiding the subject in the last video message.